At Chubby Cheeks Charity our goal is to provide food and health services to people in need. At Chubby Cheeks Charity, 100% of the proceeds go to helping people around the world - the board of directors and the officers take nothing. I started this Charity when I was 13, utilizing my 6 years of experience in charitable giving and fundraising. I hope to see it grow and grow. Thank you for your support.

What We Do

Currently, Chubby Cheeks Charity's main program is Produce, Please! Our program distributes high quality produce to low-income families by delivering it right to their door. We do this through a company called Imperfect Produce which finds produce that a grocery store won't sell (because of minor cosmetic flaws, market surplus, etc.) and delivers it at a reduced price. 

Studies have shown that there are 3 main reasons why low-income families tend to opt for pre-packaged goods rather than fresh produce. The first reason that produce is not commonly eaten among low-income families is the price. It's less expensive to buy pre-packaged food than it is to buy fresh produce. Secondly, many low-income areas don't have access to high-quality, fresh produce, and with their busy lives aren't willing to travel to get it. Lastly, eating fresh produce is difficult. It requires preparation and in our busy lives, we just don't have time to figure out how to prepare food when we could throw a frozen mac and cheese into the microwave for a few minutes instead. Produce, Please! eliminates all of these reasons preventing low-income families from eating healthy. We provide the produce free of charge for our families eliminating the reason of excessive expense. We deliver the produce right to their door so they don't have to go get it. And we will provide quick and easy recipes for our fruit and vegetable of the month so our families know how to quickly prepare the produce.


              Chubby Cheeks Charity used to raise money to give health services and food to people around the world. We granted money to charities such as Heifer International and Doctors Without Borders. Heifer International gives livestock to people in need; they are a very trustworthy non-profit and we have donated to them for a long time. For further information click here. Doctors Without Borders is a non-profit founded in France that provides medical services to people around the world. For further information click here


Every year we had a fundraiser called the Charity Pi Run. It has a pi(e) theme. In fact, it is 3.14(pi) miles and at the end, everyone gets a handheld pie.